Our Candidates

The Green Party has had candidates in federal and provincial elections in Markham since 2000 and 1999 respectively.

Federal Elections

2000 (Markham) Bernadette Manning
2004 (Markham-Unionville) Ed Wong
2006 (Markham-Unionville) Wesley Weese
2008 (Markham-Unionville) Leonard Aitken
2011 (Markham-Unionville) Adam Poon
2015 (Markham-Unionville) Elvin Kao
2015 (Markham-Stouffville) Myles O’Brien
2015 (Markham-Thornhill) Joshua Russell

Provincial Elections

1999 (Markham) Bernadette Manning
2003 (Markham) Bernadette Manning
2007 (Markham) Bernadette Manning
2011 (Markham-Unionville) Myles O’Brien
2014 (Markham-Unionville) Myles O’Brien

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